Meet the Team

We initiated GPT Book Club with a foundational concept: the implementation of an Atomic Habits GPT.
After a trial run and collecting user feedback, we enhanced our service and returned to our core value proposition - empowering users to digest books at an unprecedented speed. With our search functionality, users can find direct answers to questions they would have wanted to ask the book if it were a living entity - for instance, asking the Atomic Habit GPT, "How can I stop procrastinating?".
Additionally, we have created Notion templates that serve as abridged versions of the books, containing key ideas from each one.
GPT Book Club was founded on the belief that the knowledge embedded within these books is invaluable; however, due to limited time, reading them can be quite challenging. We are actively seeking collaboration for this project. If you are a book publisher or an author looking to differentiate yourself, look no further - the future of books is here.

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